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The big boy, Ghost town Independence pass 5+ grams

The big boy, Ghost town Independence pass 5+ grams

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This is the big boy, with a 1 gram nugget possibly larger, and a 5 gram total guaranteed.

This is gold paydirt, the dirt was taken from the ghost town of Independence,above Aspen Colorado at 11,000 feet men worked hard to find gold. We at Culver prospecting have taken the work out of it for you to pan at home. This dirt is from the bottom of the stamp mill they processed the gold ore from the mountain. To make sure you find more than the natural gold, we have added a specified amount natural placer gold. This bag is guaranteed to have a minimum in it. Unlike many other seller's online who have chase or bonus bags or no specific amount. You will have what we say in it and possibly more from the classified paydirt that was harvested from the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The dirt in this is heavy in minerals and possible to have organics in it, also the possibly of glass or sharp metal in it. It is good to start with a small amount at a time. And always pan into a safety pan or tub because it will be difficult to get all of the gold the first time. So it will be hour's of enjoyment! Just like it was in the 1800's it will be tough! It has blond and black sands, quartz and pyrite and many of possible minerals.The gold in this can range from +10 mesh to -40 mesh so the difficulty level is not really for a beginner. But if you are new to panning, all you would need to do is email us and we can make a bag to your skill level! This bag will have 1.25 lbs of material 

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